Site blueprint current user as tab


Is it possible to edit the information of the currently logged in user in the site blueprint e.g.: as tab.

greetings perry

Not out of the box, but would be possible with a custom section.

Thank you @texnixe.

I don’t know what you exactly want, but may be you can use HowTo: Build Panel links “Your site’s URL” and “Your account” to add a link to the account of the user e.g. in the “site.yml” blueprint.

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Thank you @anon77445132,
Your plugin could be helpful to get users to their profile page faster ( have you published your plugin on gitlab / github?

The link in my plugin is: So the user don’t need “read”-access to the “users”-part in the Panel to visit or edit the own data.

No, I only publish the plugin in this forum.

Thank you @anon77445132 for the plugin, that is a good solution. :pray:

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