Show translated values of tags in frontend


I’m trying to filter products by their material (cotton, silk, etc). The filter works but how I can show the translated values in the frontend? Currently the output is: milksatin and cotton, but I would like to show the translated values GOTS Milk Satin and Cotton or their german counterparts.


  label: Material
  type: tags
      en: GOTS Milk Satin
      de: GOTS Milch Seide
      en: Cotton
      de: Baumwolle

template for the filter checkbox:

<?php $products = $page->children()->listed(); 
      $materials = $products->pluck('material', ',', true)  ?>

    <?php foreach ($materials as $material):?>
            <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" id="checkbox-<?= $material ?>" data-filter="<?= $material ?>">
            <label for="checkbox-<?= $material ?>"><?= $material ?></label>
    <?php endforeach ?>

Thanks for helping me!

Since you are in a multilanguage context, you can use language variables: Custom language variables | Kirby CMS

Alternatively, access the blueprint in the frontend, see Using blueprints in the frontend | Kirby CMS . While you don’t have to keep 2 places in sync with this option, it also means that Kirby has to access additional files.

Thank you the custom language variables will do for now. Next time I am trying the blueprints (: