Show fields next to each other in overview page

Hello, I hope a simple question from a beginner:

I’m learning Kirby. I have installed Kirby 3.6, the starter kit and the events example from the docs.
I have succeeded in changing the contents of the field into the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates in blueprints\pages\events.yml

What do I have to put in the events.yml file to show the events fields next to each other instead of below each other?

I have tried width: 1/2 but that didn’t do anything.

Thanks for any help or guidance!


title: Events
preset: pages
icon: 📅

  url: false
  status: false
  delete: false

  extends: sections/events
  headline: Unpublished events

  extends: sections/events
  headline: Unlisted events

  extends: sections/events
  headline: Published events
  text: "van {{page.from.toDate('d M y')}} tot {{'d M y')}}"
  width: 1/2

to layout sections you can use columns.

title: My blueprint

    width: 2/3
      # sections in the left column
    width: 1/3
      # sections in the right column

Thanks for the answer bnomei,
Will that enable me to put the fields next to each other? Like cards are put next to each other?
I’m not understanding this solution, could you maybe elaborate or give me an example?

Thanks! René

ah sorry. i missread that.

what you are looking for is cardlets that will be in upcomign release 3.6

Thank you very much!

I have been using cardlets. I have some questions, maybe you can answer.
The boxes are a bit large for my taste.

  • Is there a way to set the height and/or not show items like the in the cardlet ?
  • I could alter the CSS of the cardlet to change the size/display:none the footer etc. What should I change in Kirby to alter the CSS of the cardlet? Do I need to use a plugin, and if so which one?

Thanks a lot!

You can use a custom Panel stylesheet: panel | Kirby CMS

Thank you!