Creating columns within blocks

I am very new to Kirby and i’m struggling to get to grips with the blueprints :tired_face:

Essentially I am trying to create a two columns layout within a block, I assume this is possible? I want a files field in the left column and multiple text fields in the right column (see screengrab). Note that I am using the Kirby Fields Block plugin to directly render the fields, my only reason for using this plugin is visual - I want to display multiple groups of fields to the user in a modular collapsible display (there doesn’t seem to be a simple built in display option to do this). I also want to remove the editing options.

Just cannot figure out where to declare the columns within the blueprint… i’ve tried to copy from the demos but I can’t make it work.

Blueprint minus any columns:

title: Home Page
icon: star

  delete: false

    name: Block Name
    type: blocks
    max: 1 
          delete: false
        name: Hero Block
        preview: fields  #this is the important command
        wysiwyg: true
        icon: bolt
            label: Select files...
            type: files
            layout: cards
            width: 1/2    
            type: url
            width: 1/2    
            type: text 
            width: 1/2  

It is not possible to define columns within blocks (like you can in a page/file/user blueprint, I’m afraid.

As regard the editing options, you should be able to hide them via a custom Panel stylesheet.

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