Show each icon in the References > Panel > Icons overview


I’ve started to check out and to use Kirby 3 on my local webserver since one or two days due to its excellent features and the great community support.

After looking through the References, I found this icon overview I was looking for: I would like to know how each icon looks before I click on it/use it so my basic question is, if I miss something or if it would be able to update this page so we can see the icon + icon name in future next to each other on the overview?

If the chosen category is wrong or I missed something about this suggestion, please tell me so I’m aware of it. Thanks!

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There is already an feature issue, but if you click on one of the icon names, you will see them all in the sidebar:


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Hi texnixe,

thanks for your reply! Just noticed that this sidebar wasn’t visible first time I clicked on an icon or I missed it … you were quicker with reply than I’ve been with an edit :frowning:. I will upvote the issue on Github. Thanks!

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Yeah, I’m a :robot:

And welcome to our little community!


Thanks for your warm welcome! I’ve read many of your posts and it’s great to see how supportive and responsive you are! You are for sure a helpful personality of this little community! I’m glad to see your posts here.

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