Show block titles

I am using blocks, along with this fantastic plugin for preview and live editing.

Thanks to the plugin, the preview is rendered right below the icon+title heading that we usually see in custom blocks:


I like this icon+title heading better than the no heading preview of built-in blocks. I think it is clearer for the user, in this particular case, at least. As it helps identify blocks and their boundaries, particularly those that may be similar.

Is it possible to force blocks to show their icon+title in a heading in the same way?

Otherwise I’ll hide them all.


You probably mean via a blueprint setting? In that case, the answer is no. You could of course overwrite all previews to show icon and label (which are usually only shown for blocks with not preview)

overwriting previews means writing vue components?

Of course!

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I’ve opened a request for this. Seems quite feasible.

Please upvote if interested.