Editor Custom Block Disable Toolbar Icon

I’ve been playing around with adding a file block, as file handling is kind of broken/unsatisfying for the editor.

I have taken inspiration from the image block, but wanted to allow the user to change the text (and if possible the formatting), as such I used k-editable in the Vue template, but this then gives me full access to the toolbar icons.
I saw that heading blocks derive from the paragraph block and then change the marks array to not contain all of the icons. Before I try and dive into that approach, is this the only way to change toolbar icons?

If I do go that way, could anyone give some hints on how I’d have to setup my plugin, in order to compile the Vue file? The wiki page just states that you’d have to build it, but doesn’t really give any hints on how to achieve it. As I’m new to Vue.js this might just be a dumb question, but I gladly take any pointers. :smiley: