Should I avoid long folder names?


As I’m creating new pages/articles within Kirby the page folder name is based off of my sometimes rather long-winded article title. Having very long folder names sends up a red flag. Maybe i just personally don’t like the folder names to be so dang long.

Are there any technical side-effects with long folder names? Is there some best practice to keep in mind regarding these folder names?

This is a low priority concern really. Nothing is breaking. I just wonder what the Kirby pros think about this.

The only issue I can think of is that the folder names are used in URLs. URLs are limited in length (about 2000 characters though ;)) and long URLs are also not memorizable and readable.

I always prefer to keep them as short as possible by choosing the slug/UID manually. But you don’t have to do that. Kirby handles long UIDs just fine.

Well, how long is long? I think the most important thing about URLs is that they are descriptive and contain the most important keywords. If you look around at how online media handle URLs, I think you get a pretty good picture, usually, those URLs are not necessarily very short, but manually edited to get rid of unnecessary words

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Good feedback. Thanks.

I’ll continue to consider proper SEO when composing URLs. This is more about best practices and not really Kirby’s workings.

Something I didn’t realize was that Kirby renames the folder when I edit the URL. I thought I was stuck with the originally set folder name based on the full title.