Shared Hosting (Germany)

I’ve been for quite some time with all-inkl for some basic shared webhosting. However, recently the speed isn’t really satisfying, especially the initial request time seems to take ages. So my question:

What are your experiences with (German) shared webhosting providers? Any you could recommend? Price range is 8 € atm (5 domains, basic shared webhosting things, quite good support actually - details: - so something similar would be great.


How much do you like command line?
If you’re not afraid of it, I can recommend uberspace
There are no domains included you need another provider for that.

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Oh, you mean for multiple websites? uberspace only offers one package with 10 GB for one website.
But you want to resell virtual hosts to your clients?

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I use Uberspace for most of my projects. Their shared hosting is at the border to virtual servers, as they provide a lot of features, don’t lock you into an artificial root and give you everything you need. It’s not an actual root server though: You don’t have root access.

Their German support is really, really awesome. Unfortunately, they (at least officially) don’t provide English support and documentation, so they don’t make sense for users who can’t speak German.

Also, you should already know a bit about server administration, because everything happens on the command line over SSH. The basic stuff like an Apache web server and PHP support are available by default, so you don’t have to setup anything special to get Kirby up and running.

The pricing is up to the user, but they recommend about 5 € per month. A few years ago, you could register domains for fair prices directly at Uberspace, but now they don’t offer that service anymore. You will have to look for a domain registrar to manage your domains (I use OVH, which offer good prices for the most common domains and work just fine).

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Using one Uberspace for multiple sites works just fine if 10 GB are enough. However, I would not recommend using one single Uberspace for reselling, because that complicates everything for no good reason.

Simply create a new one – and if that’s too expensive, simply reduce the price you set. That’s actually what they recommend.

On the other hand, reselling in general is a difficult problem. I don’t recommend reselling, but that’s another question and not what this forum is about. :wink:

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A great reseller is hostnet

Their support is extraordinary and I’m quite happy with the choice. You can manage everything with their custom made panel “easytecc”. Even your clients can have a guest account to manage their mail - if you want that.
Their cheapest product is the Managed Root Cloud starting at 14 € a month.

Thanks for your answers.

Just had a quick look at uberspace and it really looks promising.
I think, I will give it a try as soon as I have a lil more free time to deal with all the domain transfer etc.

And I don’t plan on reselling – I’m quite happy when my clients get there own space set up. Even more when they listen to me where :wink:

You can also just try it out for a month without giving them any personal details. After you have decided to stay there, you can move everything and transfer the domains.

Exactly my opinion. :smile:

Good to know! But since I’m writing my final master thesis at the moment, I’ll still give it a try after that, when I actually have guilt-free time for trying it out :smiley:


I feel the same about working on Kirby – I’m doing my Abitur (German finals for those who don’t live in Germany) right now.
But it’s just too much fun and a great distraction so I don’t panic. :smile:

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Off-topic, but: Good luck to both of you @distantnative and @lukasbestle


I can recommend uberspace too. I host my website ( there. Works great.