Setting a favicon for the panel?


i wonder if I can set a proper favicon image for the panel?
At the moment it looks like this:Left side the panel, right side the site.

My client finds it confusing when he has multiple tabs open to find the panel, because he can not find the brands icon. I found nothing in the docs to do so.


There is no option to do that, you would have to make changes to the panel core.

Do you have a favicon.ico in the root directory of your site? This should automatically be picked up by the browsers.

However thanks for the feedback. I have created a feature request on GitHub for a new option to set the favicon path manually.

Of course the favicon itself is working, and correctly placed. But the panel tab is not picking it up, like described in the picture.

Well, that’s strange. Is the site online so that I can test it?

It is definitely possible to modify the core files, as I’ve done previously with an installation, of course. Is there a cleaner way to do this?

And I suppose the only real reason not to do this is to make sure you keep your changes when updating?

Of course you can modify the core as much as you want. But as you say, you would have to keep track of the changes to be able to update in the future.