Select default language from panel


I’m setting a multilanguages website with Fr and En (all work perfectly).
Fr is used as default language in the fr.php file in languages folder.

I can see in guide that user can set default language from the panel. In my case, when I clic on the secondary language to switch it as default (as shown in guide), the option does not exist. Only edit or delete options are shown.

I tried to delete default from my fr.php file to check if I could select it from the panel, but option does not appear in both languages.

What did I miss?
Thank you.

Hm, that setting did exist in the past, I think. But yes, it doesn’t work as described anymore.

So bad :frowning: It is super useful, specialy for a theme :frowning:
Do you think this option will work in a futur update? is it a bug ?

Maybe it was removed because it can potentially cause complete data loss. Looks like it didn’t even make it into the launch version.

Ok thank you.

I’ll fix the docs.

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If you want, you could create an issue in the ideas repo to (re-)implement this feature.

With the way it was originally implemented, you could easily loose all your data like this:

  • Your single language install has all the content
  • create a secondary language (the language files for the default language are empty)
  • make secondary default (the default language now has no content)
  • remove now secondary default language (which contains your content)
  • all content gone
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Ok, thank you for details. Issue has been added in ideas repo.

Any news from this? I have a single language website but also can’t define the default language for the panel. Only after login it’s german

@Oli1 Why would you want to define a default language if you don’t use multiple languages?

Cause when I go to “/panel” the login is in english. After Login, it’s german, sure, cause in the user is a language defined. This is what my customers get when they go to “/panel”. A bit confusing that the login screen is in english

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In Kirby 2 there was an option to set the Panel default language.
I don‘t know how to get this in Kirby 3.

Im not aware of a setting for this unless you override the login view. That should be a simple config setting though.