Searching for our new web studio/webmaster to handle our kirbies


We are a design studio located in Norway.

Our webmaster got a full time job and now we seek a reliable and confident webmaster/studio, that could help us in a flexible way as we used to be, meaning remotely and sometimes upgrading live our Kirby during video chats as it was very efficient with our webmaster and we like it that way sometimes for small adjustments versus spending useless time and money to write requests and feedbacks. Preferably located in Europe versus the time zone.

Our own website turns fine under Kirby 3:

We opened now a research institute and we would like to find our new webmaster/studio to be on our side in the long run for this new project, among others, such as our artistic research one which needs to be rebuilt with very simple set up, nearly like a landing page.

What is your modus operandi please? Hourly fee?
Thanks for your feedbacks on our request by email (see our RB website) or dm please.