London-based/ english speaking kirby Programmer needed!

Hi dear community, i am a designer from London and i have a client who’s website is set up with getKirby 2.0. The Programmer who did the work for that site is currently not available.
The project was delivered and finished in summer 2014. Now the client looks for someone who can make some changes, add pages and do some other amendments on her website on hourly bases.

Is anyone interested here in doing so? Unfortunately she has hired someone already and he has made a little bit of a mess on the website now. Here is the website we are talking about: please contact me if you are interested and i put you in touch with her directly.

She is very nice and is desperate to get her wishes implemented on her site.
I know most of you guys in here are overqualified for work like this, but i also don’t know where else to find someone here in London.

Looking forward to hear from you!!!

Please send me a direct massage me or email me if you still want help. I will be happy to help.