Safari's Responsive Design Mode causes panel sign-out

BTW Maybe another cookie related bug: If I log into the panel and then switch with Option + Command + R into Safari’s Responsive Design Mode and then do a reload, I am immediately logged out. Even on a fresh installation, even with @distantnative 's patch. So unfortunately if you want to debug something in the frontend with logged in users in Safari’s Responsive Design Mode – no chance.

I’ve checked with other web apps (Piwik, Harvest) for the same behaviour, but there I am staying logged-in. I googled briefly if Safari’s Responsive Design Mode is known for deleting / altering cookies but so far I found nothing.

Moved this one to its own forum topic and opened an issue.

To me it looks like the Responsive Design Modes clears the session. As the panel not only relies on a set cookie but also on a valid session (s::get('kirby_auth_secret')), I think that’s where you got thrown out of the panel when toggling the Responsive Design Mode.

Having issues with this as well.

Can completely reproduce the problem, but having no answer what causes it or how it could be fixed so far :confused: