Panel Logout Issue

Hi everyone,

We are running Kirby on a media site and we are experiencing some issues with the Panel.

Whenever the “Open preview” link is clicked on a page, the panel logs out.

The Preview (New Tab) opens fine but when returning to the Panel tab the login page pops up.

Currently running on 2.5.7 & SSL enabled. Experiencing the same issues with previous panel versions as well, with or without SSL, but cannot determine the reason.

Any help is appreciated.

From our observation the panel logs out whenever there is another session to the front-end of the website.

So are the front & back-end sessions conflicting in some way?

Have you tested this with a fresh Starterkit?

Hi tex,

Yes, we have.

When the setup is accessed on a subdomain ( the panel seems to be working fine with no logout issues.

When it is accessed on a primary domain then the session issues come into effect.

Sounds like some sort of server or DNS misconfiguration.

Ignore my last comment. Did not clear cache. The problem is replicated on the subdomain as well.

Development Tools inspection basically shows that when the admin opens a front-end page a new auth is given and the back-end session is destroyed.

Hm, I think that’s probably something @lukasbestle can answer better than me…

I can’t explain it either. Are you sure that the same thing happens with a plain, unmodified Starterkit? Because what you are describing is a typical issue of strange plugin combinations, user object calls in templates, config changes etc. The starterkit shouldn’t do any of this stuff that could lead to the issue.