Avoid having to re-log in during development

I’m working on a Kirby website locally, but I keep having to log into the panel everytime. Whenever I make a change to the template files, or even when I just visit the site or refresh a page of the site. Why is this?

It’s not specifically when changing something, but the Panel currently doesn’t store a permanent login cookie. This is a missing feature but already on the to-do list.

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Hm, I don’t get kicked off every time I make changes to a project … even if there is no permanent login cookie? Only when I remove the session cookie.

Did you disable cookies in your running browser?
Please enable it for Kirby websites, if you want to use the panel!

Good luck!

Well, what I meant with that is that you sometimes get logged out. Getting logged out all the time is definitely not normal behavior and I can’t reproduce this either.

I did not disable cookies in my browser. I’m sure this isn’t normal behavior, nobody would want to work like this.

With two tabs open (one with the panel and one with the website), whenever I refresh/click a link in the website, I will have to log into the panel again. Because of this I have found myself editing the content files in Markdown more than using the the panel.

I cannot reproduce this either, I work with several installs all the time and go backwards and forwards, refreshing pages, changing stuff; once in a while I get kicked out of Panel but not in any frequency that you describe.

Edit: do you have that problem with a particular browser? Have you tested if the behavior is the same in another browser? Does this only happen locally or on a remote server as well?

Okay well something must be messed up in my project.

It only happens locally, no matter which browser. On the remote server it works fine. I guess I will just finish developping this project with this bug. If it happens in a future project, I will look further into the problem.

Thanks for your time!