Any way to keep me logged in?

Been thinking about this for a while and decided that the best and easiest way to going forward was to simply ask here.
I run a couple of sites I built using Kirby, one of which requires me to access the panel at least a few times a day to post new content.

Now, every time I access the panel I need to log in so I was wondering if there’s a way to tell kirby to keep me logged in for more that currently does.

Have a look at this config doc:

You can simply set for example

c::set('panel.session.timeout', 10000);

in your config.php

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:open_mouth: completely missed that! Sooooo much :heart: to you @thguenther

In case the above would not work, this is also a solution. A very dangerous one for live enviroments, but anyway…

I’ll give the official solution a go and see if it works properly (just uploaded the new config file on the server).
It really isn’t that big of a problem so I don’t want to mess too much with kirby if you know what I mean.

But thanks for the reply, really appreciated :wink:

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Ok looks like I’m still facing some “issue”.

The solution proposed by @thguenther works only if I keep the site and the session open but obvously doesn’t work if I close my browser or turn off my mac.

I know there’s the solution proposed by @jenstornell but I’d like to avoid hacking the login in that way because it’s a bit unsafe.

So I’ll summon the mighty @lukasbestle and ask the following: is there a way to tweak the log in form and add some sort of log in cookie that keeps me logged in for like a week or so?

I’ll be happy to code something myself, just want to see if it’s possible first and avoid wasting hours of my life :slight_smile:

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The panel.session.timeout option is only checked by Kirby internally. As you said, it won’t make the session cookie live longer.

There’s another option for that though, panel.session.lifetime. It actually modifies the lifetime of the session cookie. You should set both options to the same value.

Please note that the session will still be invalidated once your user agent or IP address range changes. This is a security feature and can’t be disabled.

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Super useful informations. Thanks.

As a follow up question (I’m not an expert on server side related subjects), are there any downsides in setting these two values at fairly high values, for example a full day or multiple days?

I see the default value for the timeout is 120 which is very low compared to what I’d be using.

Well, those options are currently not intended to be used as a “remember me” feature. They can be useful for development, but I wouldn’t use them in production.
Easier would be to use a password manager like 1Password that can autofill your login information instantly.

I see.

I already use 1password but since it also requires the master password every 5 minutes of inactivity I’m back to square one.

I’m the only user of the site but since I log in every few hours to post a new site, typing in credentials is a bit tedious.
Also for some reason chrome seems unable to store my credentials for the panel log in form no matter what I try.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I think a keep me logged in feature would be a nice addition for future versions of the panel :wink:

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I agree! :slight_smile: Are you positive about a feature like that @lukasbestle?

There is already a GitHub issue about this and I have added it to the Kirby 2.5 milestone since many people ask for it.