Running Kirby on OpenBSD using httpd?

I’m in the process of moving all my sites to a new server running OpenBSD.

I understand that running Kirby on OpenBSD’s httpd server is unsupported, but I’d like to try it anyway :slight_smile:

Before I spend too much time on this, is there anything specific that absolutely won’t work no matter what, or is it just a matter of powering through configuration differences (rewrites, etc)?

I’m able to get the home page loading, but all of the links throw 404s and images don’t load. Permissions are an issue, but I feel like I can work those out.

Note that I don’t intend to use the panel on the server, I’m rsync’ing everything from a local install. Just need to run the public site.

When subpages are not working and images not loading, this is usually an issue with URL rewriting not working.

For this purpose, we provide the rules in the .htaccess file for Apache, so to run Kirby successfully on other servers, you need to implement to corresponding rules in your server configuration.

Note that your PHP version also needs to meet Kirby’s requirements: Get up and running | Kirby CMS

Thank you. Yes, I’ve started trying to re-implement the rewrites. I’m new to httpd so I don’t yet know what the URL handling limitations are. I’ll see how far I get and report back. :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to give up on this. I’m realizing that I don’t yet know enough about how OpenBSD or Kirby work for this to be something I should be tackling.

I got a lot closer using the following in httpd.conf…

location match "/([^%.]+)$" {
  request rewrite "/index.php"

Links and subpages work and .css etc. files load ok, so that’s cool.

However, images are not being created in /media. The folder hierarchies are created, just no images. Doesn’t seem to be a permissions issue, then. phpinfo() shows that all of the required extensions are loaded.