RSS Feed does not validate

Hi there,

I’m currently in the process of migrating my Jekyll site to Kirby. So far, so good. For my RSS feed, I just took the out of the box plugin and created a page and a template for it as suggested in the README.

Unfortunately, this output does not validate against the W3C Feed Validator. You can see my results here. Is this just me or is it a general problem with the plugin? Anyone else seeing this?


Looks like there’s something missing. The problem is not that it does not validate, but the php error messages. Pls. check if your feed folder in /site/plugins contains the following files:

  • feed.php
  • template.php (this one seems to be missing)

Hm, in /site/plugins/feed/ I have three files

I think this is everything you guys have in that repo, right?

Yes, then that’s ok.

But you get php error messages for variables that are not defined …

What does your feed look like if you open it in a browser?

The error messages point to the file site/templates/feed.php. This template shouldn’t be the template.php that ships with the plugin, but contain something like the example code.

That’s exactly the problem.

Oh, okay, then I completely misunderstood it. Sorry about that. I will try it with the example code provided. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.