Retire $site->uri?

This article is so clear, but it seems to only work with Kirby 1, am I right about that?

Oh yes, that looks a bit ancient, indeed.

lol. It would be nice to have some sort of a Kirby 1 badge, or “outdated” flag that shows at the top of the article. I’ve circled back to it a few times as I wander with Google. Not that you need something else to do!

I thought I had deleted all ancient stuff when I recreated the cookbook. Must have missed that or had originally planned to update it and then forgot. No, there is no Kirby 1 badge, it just has to go or else it might slip its way into Kirby 3 docs :scream::scream:

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Done. Should be gone with the next deployment.

Sad to see such a well-written article go. Looking forward.