Repeater field, usable with structure and as separate field

I am working on a field GitHub

Repeater is a field plugin for Kirby

Reapeter come with basic fields :

  • text
  • textarea
  • select
  • radio

This field work in a structure field or in a normal position. This field can be used for simple need of repeating, or in a structure field if you need another level of repeating.

The work is in progress I would add some functionality for selected files, enable verification processing, enable blueprint variation like builder plugin do, etc.


Any feedback ? It will be great.

I know it’s late, and I also know that it is just an alpha version, but nevertheless maybe you’re still happy with the feedback/critic :wink: After testing the field (inside a structure field) I decided to remove it and go with another solution, for a couple of reasons:

  • I need more fields than those available – and even those didn’t seem to work (only two text inputs where shown, nevertheless which or how many fields I tried)
  • why isn’t the plugin using the regular panel fields? Really confusing, also because different common settings from blueprints like width and icons aren’t working here.
  • The order of the fields was exactly the other way round than I defined in the blueprint, which seems just like a small bug, but nevertheless a really anying one.
  • The UI seems very quick’n’dirty – for example, if you only need one line (defined in the entry option), the block still needs massive space because of the available options.
  • If using inside a structure field, the structure entry shows an error message (Array to string conversion) – I didn’t find a way through the blueprint to show the real content or another “fallback” message.

I’m not sure if you are still working on the field or if you have other plans with it – just to let you know :wink: