Reordering lots of pages by drag and drop

I have a client trying to manually reorder 100 pages by dragging and dropping in the panel. Since he’s only shown 20 at a time, he’s asking how to move them between the groups of 20 shown.

I can’t figure it out. Am I missing something?

You could change the limit of the displayed subpages.

  limit: 150

However, that would then result in a very long list both in the sidebar and in the pages overview page.

What is the use case for manually reordering 100 subpages?

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Thanks, I’ll look into that. It’s a portfolio site for a writer. He’s written a lot and wants to be able to organize it by importance to him and shuffle them around if needed:

I haven’t worked in a way for him to categorize the reviews yet. Was planning to use tags.

An alternative to sorting by drag and drop would be to use the visibility toggle to change the page’s sorting number. Not as intuitive maybe as dragging and dropping, but you would not get such long lists of pages.

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