Register multiple domains in a multi-site setup

I am having trouble with registering a multidomain installation, I bought two licences but whenever I type one in to register, the .license folder inside site/config replaces the other one, so there is always one domain not registered properly. In the documentation on Kirby 3 multidomain setup there is seemingly no explanation of how to register it, only that it should be registered for each domain.

Do I need something special in the setup that I am missing out on? Content separation setup is working nicely, do I then also need a separated config folder setup?

Thanks in advance!

To register multiple domains you definitely need to register two config folders. In each config file you could, however, require a shared config file or maybe even symlink one.

see Kirby multiple websites questions

Alright, I had to set the whole site folder to be separate for each domain, and now it works!
Ideally I thought there would be an option to only separate a config folder with something like ‘site/config’ setup in index.php file, but that didn’t work. The page basically has the same elements from the whole site folder, only license in the config folder should be different. But thanks anyway, this way it works fine

Could you post what you tried? Because there is a separate root for the config file so that should definitely be possible without having to duplicate the complete site folder.

Actually I realised that I missed out the starting ‘/’ in the root, what a rookie mistake… Before that I tried with ‘site/config’, instead of just ‘config’. Now it works only by separating the config folder, all fine, thank you very much!!!