Recommended DO Droplet size for 3 Kirby Websites


I have 3 WordPress sites currently hosted in Bluehost. I am on the process of redesign/rebuilding it with Kirby. Site 1 is almost done.

Now I have plans on moving the hosting to DigitalOcean. I think it’s possible to put the 3 websites in one droplet. But this is where I need input.
The sites are restaurant websites which just shows the menu and locations. No ordering or reservation features.

As per Google Analytics, each site has around 150 max users per day. Very minimal.

So with this traffic and closed to static websites, what DO droplet size would best fit?


I would say the 2gb standard droplet @$10 a month is more then sufficient.

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I’d even say the $5/mo droplet with 1 GB RAM is totally fine for your sites (if the 25 GB of disk space are enough for you). If you use Kirby’s caching feature, the required resources are pretty minimal. And even without caching it shouldn’t be an issue.

If the needs change later and you need more resources, it’s always possible to upgrade to a larger droplet (by resizing it) down the road.

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