Ram required for simple blog

Hi guys, long time without come here.

I’m currently using hexo for my personal blog in a digitalocean droplet, but I’m thinking on move my blog to kirby, using a cheap shared hosting, so I want to know how much ram is required for a simple (one installation) kirby blog.

I hope your answer, and sorry for my english.

A $5 dollar DigitalOcean or Vultr VPS with 1GB RAM runs it just fine.

hi, thanks for answer, what about $2,5 ~ 512mb (vultr)

I have never run “to-the-bottom” tests for Kirby. But I assume, if you don’t have a lot of content files and don’t need heavy image transforming things (such as creating thumbnails etc), Kirby doesn’t need a lot of RAM…

I would suggest you to set up caching though.

The good thing with services like vultr is, that if you find out that the most basic plan doesn’t work for you, you can always upgrade.

But it is not easy to give general advice, because what is a simple blog? If is is image heavy and you create lots of different sized thumbnails for responsive images, or if you integrate local video files, you might run into issues with very basic plans.