Resizing very large images

Hello, me again :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’m currently in the progress of setting up my Kirby installation on DigitalOcean. I use Serverpilot to manage the Droplet on DO. Everything works fine, but if my client upload like really large images that are more than ~10.000 pixel wide, or 20MB, the server just ignores to resize the image and shows the original large one. Although the url string has these little 2000w in the end.

Now the first thing was to disable the memory limit, and then set it so 512M, then 2048M, but it was always the same problem with the same files. How can I assure that the images will get resized every time? I even tried out different file formats, etc.

Is there any other option available that I could check on my server?

Ok, for everyone: This is not a Kirby problem. My Droplet just had too little RAM :ram: I always thought 1GB is a lot and clearly enough to resize images, but not this time.