Reaching max_memory limit

I am hitting the php max memory limit on a k3 site, would this be caused by uploading large images? If so is there anything I can do about this?

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7885630523571515016 bytes) in [E:\Data\\httpdocs\\kirby\src\Toolkit\Collection.php]

What is “large”? Uploading large images without transforming them shouldn’t do much to memory.

It’s weird that this happens in Collection. Are you sure there is no recursion in play somewhere?

what should I be checking - pagination code in the template?

When exactly does this happen? When uploading images in Panel? On the frontend?

just logging into the panel :pensive:

Ok, then it seems that the “Dashboard” has to load too much stuff or something like that. Is there any more information somewhere in the error logs as to where exactly this error is caused?

What are your memory settings? Is this happing locally or on a remote server?

Max memory is 128mb

The dashboard is only loading a home page slideshow and a pages section. This is happening on the live site. I get a 500 error on the front end, which is fine after a while.

What is the size of the source images, before any manipulations or resizing etc? Something is fishy here. Ive just built a site for a photographer with dozens of 4mb source images loaded into the panel, and even that didn’t break the 128mb i have it set to.