Rapidmail Newsletter — Subscription Form and Newsletter Archive

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to know if anyone has experience using rapidmail as a newsletter tool ? I need to make a subscription form and a newsletter archive …which means importing newsletters from the past from rapidmail. Do you think it’s doable ? I would appreciate any help, tips… Thankss

There seems to be no API so you have to parse the web archives (if that’s supported and if there’s an overview page) on your own (HTML parser). There are tools but it doesn’t seem to be an easy implementation based on what I could find on their marketing website.

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From my expierence on, you would most likely just create a sign-up form which passes the mail-address via Rapidmail API to your recipients.
What do you exactly mean with “importing Newsletters from rapidmail”. Why do you want to have them in kirby?

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Hi @helloanselm @Khepri.Design , thanks for the replies !

A potential client is using Rapidmail as a Newsletter Service. The requirements for the website are a Subscription Form and a Newsletter Archive.

@helloanselm, I found those links and it seems that Rapidmail has an API →


Subscription Form:
I did a subscription form with Mailchimp lately with an API Key, List ID and using CURL in order to send requests to the account. I guess it should work the same way with Rapidmail.

Newsletter Archive:
I asked on Kirby discord for tips too and someone directed me to some possibilities with Rapidmail:

  • export as html
  • export as pdf
  • open in browser with a link

It will require to redirect to a link/pdf or reproduce each newsletter on the website. The redirection is not a solution for me because it means no customisation over the layout. To reproduce the newsletter on the website with text and assets is also not very helping, because it means more work for the client, and it’s not going to be accepted…
Do you think it’s possible to export each newsletter as an html and then changing the layout, getting the assets links and somehow automate all of this ? @helloanselm, Is it what you mean about “html parser” ?

My main wish would have been to reach all datas with an API, and then get everything on the server. Like this, the Archive page would be auto-updated by itself whenever there is a new newsletter. But it looks like it’s not possible…

Right, if there’s an API you can use that. You connect and can retrieve all mailings from there, no need for exporting things or parsing HTML then.

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