Query language syntax

eventsByUser is a site method extension that needs the user id (e.g. 3fLVe49j)
In the user blueprint I’m trying to pass that parameter with user.id but I can’t seem to get the syntax right.

# site/blueprints/users/attendee.yml 

  label: Events attended by the user
  type: info
  text: '{{site.eventsByUser( {{ user.id }} )}}'

  # this works fine
  # text: '{{site.eventsByUser(3fLVe49j)}}'


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That won’t work, because user.id is not evaluated, see this post Sharing files between pages & linking them via 'pages' field also for alternatives.

Sounds great for pages, but can I do that with a user?
I guess I can’t extend the user object by adding a method or something similar, or…

You are right, you can’t yet. But that would be the way to go. Here is the idea issue for it: https://github.com/getkirby/ideas/issues/229 - make sure to put your +1 on it

But if you only want to show all events by the current user, you don’t have to pass an argument at all and you don’t need a custom user method?

Kirby::plugin('my/plugin', [
  'siteMethods' => [
      'eventsByUser' => function () {
          if($user = kirby()->user()) {
              $event = page('events')->children()->filterBy('user', $user->id());
          } else {
              $events = new Pages();
          return $events;

It’s not by the current logged user, but in the panel the currently open user page.
that’s why I was trying to use:

text: '{{user.id}}'