How to get user data in a user blueprint?


In a user blueprint I would like to get the user id from the user I have selected in the user list.
I want to use it in a query: (see userId_selected below)

            headline: Proposals as author
            parent: site
            type: pagesdisplay
            query: site.index.filterBy('template', 'proposal').filterBy( 'proposalAuthorId', **userId_selected** )

Is that possible?

My goal: In a user blueprint, I try to display all the pages which belong to this user. These pages have a proposalAuthorId field which store the user id.

This should work:

query: site.index.filterBy('template', 'proposal').filterBy( 'proposalAuthorId',

Edited, in a section, you have to use kirby.user

I’ve already tried this synthax but Kirby return this error:

The section "candidatProposalsParticipants" could not be loaded: Access to non-existing property user on array 

See edit above.

What I posted originally, works in a field.

This code return the current logged in user not the user I have selected.

If I logged in as admin and select “Sonja” user in the user list, I get the page which belong to me (the logged in user) not Sonja’s pages.

I am write?

Oh, yes, true. I’m afraid it doesn’t work then with a pages section because the current context of these section is the page and not the user. The first version I posted before the edit worked with a pages field, but not with the section.

What’s the purpose of this section anyway?

I just tried which seems to work? Although it seems weird.

    type: pages
    parent: site
    type: pagesdisplay
    query: site.index.filterBy('template', 'proposal').filterBy( 'proposalAuthorId', )

Ok, maybe I can use instead a user models to define a new method which I would be able to call in a info field in my user blueprint.

I’m going to try this !

Yes I confirm, it’s working :no_mouth:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: