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Can we call the current user id in a blueprint?

Something like:


I tried but didn’t seem to work.

What version are you trying this with?

The last one K 3.2.2

I would think this should work… do you get any error message?

@gillesvauvarin Could you post some context where you are using this query, please?

I use the plugin “page display section” to select “evaluation” pages with a query.

These pages have an hidden field called “evaluatorId” to store the ids of certain evaluators user.

When an evaluator log in to the panel, I want to display only the evaluation pages which own the “evaluatorId” so I use this query:

page.drafts.filterBy('evaluatorId',, ',')

Here “page.” is a “proposal” page and "drafts."are “evaluation” page.

Looks like fetching the current user doesn’t work for some reason. If you hardcode a value, it works, I guess?

Yes it works if I hardcode the user id
page.drafts.filterBy('evaluatorId', 'kgesqYt', ',')
page.drafts.filterBy('evaluatorId',, ',')
just return nothing without error message.

I found another solution by using a page model to override the “Drafts” function but I didn’t find why seems not return the current user id :-/

I don’t know, you also can’t get the current page, I think, while you can get the current language. Maybe a bug. Would you create an issue on GitHub?

Yes I will do it :slight_smile:


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