Blueprint: filterBy userId

I would like to display on the user page only the pages he has created himself.

I have tried it this way but the filtering does not work

            headline: Events in Review 
            type: pages
            status: draft
            image: false
            create: event
            sortBy: date desc
            info: " {{ page.created.toUser.username }}"
            text: " {{ page.title }}"
            parent: site.find("veranstaltungen").filterBy(, 'true')

how do i have to do this ?

greetings perry

The parent option expects a single page. Sections can’t have queries.

You can use the Pagesdisplay section instead:, but you cannot use this section to create pages.

Alternative, a page model with an isReadable() method.

I would like to customize the panel so that each user only sees the pages they have created.

Page-Models is for templates or also for the blueprints ?