Q: Is it possible to limit the content a user can see?


since I’m not very familiar yet with kirby 3, I thought I’d better ask, if the thing I want to do is easily possible.

  1. I want to build s.th. where different users will be able to create content, but will only be able to see the entries created by themselves: both in the admin panel and through the API. – admin users will be able to see everything of course.

  2. users will be asked to provide additional information. what’s the best way to extend the user model with additional fields?

thanks a lot in advance!

You can define different user roles and assign different fields for them in a user blueprint.

That’s currently only possible with some tricks, i.e. creating a different set of blueprints per user role. However, the upcoming Kirby 3.2 release will have better support to control user access to content in the Panel.

this is the thread to the “trick”:

thanks a lot @texnixe and @bnomei!

Thanks for adding the missing link, @bnomei Bruno :heart:.

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