Public todo list of future versions of Kirby

@bastianallgeier. Is there a public todo list for future versions of Kirby? I would like to know that’s on your mind.

If there are no public list

Would you like to add such a list to the forum or on or is it a secret? For me personally it’s totally ok with just a draft of possible ideas to implement.

I know there is the suggesions forum but that does not tell us so much of your own ideas or what ideas you would like to implement in the future.

Anyone else curious?

You can find 99% of our todos and “secrets” in the Github issues for the Kirby core or the panel. If something is not in there, I most probably forgot to make an issue out of it. Feel free to post official suggestions there anytime after discussing them here.

I think it’s better to keep the discussions in the forum, but having a proper overview on Github helps massively while working on new stuff.

You can also have a look at the issue milestones, to see some that are planned. Remember milestones and dates are indicative, things can change. Features ship where they are ready :wink: