Kirby 2.4.2 or 2.5 any release date?

any rough estimations when 2.4.2 will be released?
i need some isses fixed soon but did not want to install dev version.

I don’t think there will be a 2.4.2?

At least the milestones says 2.5.

lol. 8% done since 11/12/2016. then i have to roll out dev and hope for the best. :frowning: just kidding.

Just that there is a 2.5 milestone does not mean that we won’t release a 2.4.2 before it. 2.5 is just our current “next version” milestone. However we don’t have a fixed release date. It’s done when it’s done. :slight_smile:

However I’m pretty sure that you can roll out the dev version already. The fixes that are on the develop branch have been tested before merging, so having the same commits in a release doesn’t make them any more stable. :wink: