Problems with the panel (access and function)


I have been using Kirby for some time now but in the last project I uploaded I am having some issues with the panel. Not sure if it is a Kirby problem or with the server but hope you can help me out:


The website is https://rhubaba/org and I developed it using the plain kit.
It is hosted in SiteGround, where there used to be a WordPress site with the same URL.
The “www” is disabled as I have no idea where those files and changes are going, that has to do with the main site’s problem:

  • There is a difference between the www and the non-www version of the website. When I uploaded the site through cPanel both where the same, but if the client uploads something to the panel through the www site it doesn’t reflect on the non-www one. The one that I see through the File Manager is the “non-www” one (I have no idea where the changes in “www” go) so I forced it to only load the “non-www” in the .htaccess, but this brought other problems.


  • I can only log in using Firefox. If I try with any other browser it tells me “Invalid CSRF token”. Also, when I log in through Firefox in the panel nothing happens. It just reloads to the same page, I need to remove manually the “/login” from the URL in and then it logs me in
  • When logged in the panel/site page reloads about every 10 seconds. This only happens in the “non-www” version.
  • Manual sorting doesn’t work. This only happens in the “non-www” version.
  • Changes don’t update automatically. If I upload an image or change a text using either the Kirby panel or cPanel it takes about 10 hours to show on the website,

As mentioned, I have used Kirby before and this has never happened. So my guess is that it is from the Server side …maybe something from WordPress bugging the correct functioning?

Thank you! and any help will be much appreciated

There is a difference between the www and the non-www version of the website

Do you use the pages cache? Kirby sets up different caches for the www and non-www versions: Connect domain caches · Issue #2248 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

Thanks for the reply!

If I understood correctly, I just added the following to my config.php file:

'cache' => [
      'pages' => [
          'active' => true,
          'prefix' => '',

I also removed the www redirect in the .htaccess

at first I could log in to the www and make changes (only in Safari), but on a second attempt I couldn’t. now I can’t log in in niether browser, regardless of using www or non-www.

While logged in I added an image in the www, and still it only reflects in there. you can see here:

Is there something I did wrong? I really don’t know what to do. Thank you for the help!

I found the solution! It was related to the hosting Site (siteground). The answer can be found here: