Problem with JSON response on some computers

Hi everyone!
On one of my projects, I have the error “The JSON response from the API could not be parsed. Please check your API connection.” that you describe on Panel issues, each time I try to save a page. And the saved content is actually not saved at all and disappear when changing page.
But actually my clients see this error, not me, which seems really strange since it should be a server issue.
Can it be caused by something else?

Thanks a lot.

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Have a look here: I don't see my blogposts via the panel

I actually tested it and nothing changed. Each time I want to save I have the JSON error and in the Network tab I see

But only on my client computer, not mine.

Okay, I tested it on several computers, emulators, … and apparently it would be a problem with a firewall blocking the JSON fetch. I guess it can’t be solved through Kirby but directly on the firewall.