Problem with Embed Plugin with fullpage.,js

Hi, I use fullpage.js for my portfolio page, which works nicely with kirby and I want to use it with the embed plugin, which also works, but with the following hickup

  • The video starts independently from what I set for autostart in the config or code.
  • While plays the cover is still displayed and the video is playing under the cover image
  • When I click the cover the whole page loads again inside the oembed / vimeo iframe.
    Not sure if this is related to my dev server (working on a localhost) or fullpagejs or my lack of php skills… :wink:
    Basically I am using the code from the embed github tutorial.

Any help appreciated.

First of all, I’d check if it works as expected if you disable fullpage.js. If it does, there’s probably some interference with that script.

When referencing third party resources, please always provide a link to those resources. We don’t have the time for chasing around the web to find them ourselves :mag::mag:.

Thanks, link added to the above post.
The lazyload / autoplay functions of embed and fullpage.js seem to interfere although its turned off in fullpage. Turning it of in both solves the problem for now.

If you find out how to solve this, maybe you can share your finding with the community? Might be interesting for others who run into the same issue.

It was not related to the lazyload. I misconfigured the menu settings in the fullpage.js setup and it all works well now.
Layzyload needs to be turned off in the fullpage settings (on by default)

  lazyLoading: false

and turned on for embed in the kirby config file.

c::set('', true);