Autoplay One Vimeo Embed?


I’m looking to embed one vimeo file and getting it to autoplay on the front of a website but can’t get the autoplay part working. Using the kirby text field doesn’t allow the option. Does anyone have any alternatives for this?

I’ve also tried installing this plugin: Embed but no luck with that either.
This website I’ve been working on for awhile so I’m using Kirby V. 2.5.6


The embed plugin has an issue with the autoplay attribute for Vimeo links.

Do you need to embed the video inside a textarea field? Or in a separate Panel field? How about using the embed link from the website with the autoplay option?

Maybe the Plyr tag could also be an alternative:


Is there any issue with the autoplay function with youtube videos? I am calling it as per the istructions:

$url = $project->featured_video();
    echo $url->embed([
        'lazyvideo' => true,
        'autoplay'  => true

The above is in a snippet that is called for each project has a featured video. So usually there are multiple videos on the page at the same time. I wanted all of them to autoplay (not best practice but client really wants the motion). Is there an issue with multiple on the same page? Or should I be calling something else? Currently the videos just show the play icon over the poster. They all can play when clicked. That seems to be fine. I’ve even included the autoplay line in the config file. Any ideas?

Kirby 2.5.12
Embed Plugin 3.0.2


Does this happen in all browsers or only specific browsers?