Help? Vimeo videos not playing


Recently started at a company that uses Kirby 2 (the panel says Kirby 2.5.12) to run their site. We’ve noticed that none of the videos we have recently uploaded via Vimeo are working (Example). Other videos that we have uploaded previously are working just fine, wondering what I can do to fix this or if anyone can help!

Hm, I can see two errors in console, and looking at the video in the inspector, I see:

<video playsinline="" preload="auto" loop="true" ng-attr-autoplay="{{::mobile &amp;&amp; 'true' || undefined }}">
    <source ng-src="undefined&amp;nowis=1643393920617" type="video/mp4" src="undefined&amp;nowis=1643393920617">
    <!--<source ng-src="{{::sd | addtimestamp | trusted}}" type="video/mp4"/>-->

So the source tag doesn’t have a valid src/ng-src atttribute.

Hi Sonja!

Thank you, and I appreciate your patience (I’m a complete noob when it comes to code so learning as I go). How exactly would I be able to go about fixing this? Is this something I would have to reach out to Vimeo about?

Hm, for all I can tell, that frontend seems to be an Angular.js app which maybe has Kirby in the backend but other than that probably has very little to do with Kirby? Since I have no knowledge whatsoever regarding Angular, I’m afraid I can’t help.

In any case, something in the Javascript code doesn’t resolve as it should.

I really appreciate you helping pinpoint where the issue is stemming from. Will keep looking around to see if I can figure this thing out.

Thank you again.

Can you show us the content of the “project” blueprint? (Should be in site/blueprints/project.yml or site/blueprints/project.php)

One noticeable difference between a video that works on your site and one that doesn’t is that the working one contains stuff like this:

name: "Anne's Story"
duration: "178"
width: "1920"
height: "1080"
hd: ''
sd: ''
hls: ''
thumbnail100: ''
thumbnail200: ''
thumbnail295: ''
thumbnail640: ''
thumbnail1280: ''
thumbnail1920: ''
type: video

while the non working one only contains this:

type: video

But from what I can see from here, I can’t tell you if you were supposed to write this stuff manually by hand or if this should have been inserted by some automatic logic that failed.