Problem with bnomei's autoid plugin upgrading to Kirby 3.5

Hi, I’ve just upgraded (localhost) to Kirby 3.5, but I’m having a bad issue with Bnomei’s auotid plugin.

Don’t really know how to fix it. Any hint?

I guess, according to your codes in screenshot, you’re using old version of autoid, right?

True. But now I got a different error.

I’ve already installed SQLite.dll on Xampp. I have another sqlite based kirby website project, even if I use sqlite without the kirby DB class.

Hmm, did you check the current php.ini file for extension=pdo_sqlite line?

I got this

I have no idea what the problem is about. Do you see sqlite in phpinfo?

Also may be you can check out the following issue:

Have you installed the right DLL and restarted the server?

Well, I guess so. I’m already using SQLite for another project, even if without the DB class.

Anyway, these are the dll’s related to SQLite

What is your PHP version? The manual says for PHP 7.4.0+ you also need libsqlite3.dll.

I found the problem.
I have all the dll’s (including libsqlite.dll, thank you @texnixe ) already installed, but I missed a line in the php.ini:


The weird thing is that I’m able to use SQLite in another project with this different driver: