Problem with Blocks - can't split a Block

My client is taking their long Word documents and copying them into one ‘Text’ Block. They are then styling the content up and then realise they need lots of Blocks (Image Block, Pullquote Block etc). But they are unable to add a block, splitting their one existing block. They are then getting frustrated.

Am I correct in thinking that blocks can not be split – users are unable to add a block into an existing block, dividing that block?

It seems that a page made up of blocks needs to be well planned from the start.

What sort of content is it that they are trying to paste?

The blocks have a paste option, so rather than copying stuff into a block, use that:

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 11.52.08

They are importing a lot of text into one block. Then when they work through the text, styling it up, they realise they need ‘Photo’ blocks, or a ‘Pull quote’ blocks sprinkled around the content. They try to add a block, but are only able to add a block below the existing mega long block – rather than where they need the block.

Understood, but yes, blocks cannot be split, you would have to add a new block and move stuff around.

Thanks. That’s a pain