Problem to use Live Server plug-in on Visual Studio Code program

I have installed the Live Server plug-in on Visual Studio Code program, but the plug-in isn’t working. It says it’s too busy, as you can see in this screenshot. Why? What’s happening? What can I do to solve this problem? I need this plug-in to continue in my project on VS Code.

Are you using Kirby? Or what is your project?

My project would be just a test to practice programation codes. I’m studying programation with JavaScript on Trybe and I need Visual Studio Code and plug-in Live Server to start. But Live Server isn’t working. I subscribed at Kirby just to ask your help.

The purpose of this forum is to provide support for users of Kirby CMS. Please understand that we cannot provide support for other software. Please refer to the documentation of the VSCode plugin or a dedicated forum.

Ok. Thanks!