Preview textarea in panel

Is there a way to preview a markdown textarea in the panel?

Considering what you mean with “preview”:

  1. “Styled previews”:
  • When creating new content (draft), you can preview via the “open” button (left side, underneath the title).
  • For content which is already published, you can’t without actually publishing afaik.
  1. “Structural previews”:

Not so much in the panel but…

  1. Use a program like Mou or Ulysess to write the text on your machine and paste it into the panel when your done. Of course that doesn’t help you if need to use Kirby tags etc, nor will it reflect your sites CSS styling. I draft a long page with these somtimes and finish it up in the panel if i need to link to pages or add images to it.

The best way i’ve found is to use the Vivaldi browser, since it does a party trick - it can do split screen tabs! In other words it splits the browser in half and shows a tab on one half and another tab on the other. This is great for putting the panel on the left and the site on the right so you can see what your changes are doing. It’s particularly awesome if you working locally with browsersync - if you get to watch the txt files, the browser will reload automatically when you save in the panel. :slight_smile:

As @bvdputte mentioned, there are different ways to preview Markdown. If you want to have customizable previews inside the panel, you could have a look at my Builder Field:

But maybe this is not the best choice if you only want to preview a single textarea.

When i check kirby-markdown-field plugin, i see in the general picture a preview-icon. So i think it must be possible to preview the content when you click on this. But i don’t see this icon when i test the plugin. It’s not mentioned in the docs neither. Anyone an idea?