Prevent user from changing page slug in panel

Hey there,

is there a way to prevent the panel users form changing the page slug or to remove that option from the sidebar?

In some cases, you need other parts of the website to fetch data from certain pages and the only way to identify those pages is by their url. In most cases, telling your client not to change the url to prevent breaking page functionality should be enough, but you never know… :wink:


Not yet, but user permissions are in the working and will eventually cover that in one of the next releases. No ETA tho.

You can use a select field that defines the “role” of the page and query for that in your templates. It’s not a perfect solution as it may still get changed, but it is easy to understand that changing that will change site behavior.

@distantnative: Ok, thanks for the information!

@lukasbestle: That’s actually a very clever idea! And not including the concerning field in the blueprint should hide that option from the panel!


It would be bad …

after the next save of the content this field would be deleted in the content file.

Add a line for this field

    readonly: true

to your content file