Prevent leakage of EXIF information in Kirby v4


inspired by this thread, I would like to know if there is some improvement or better procedure in Kirby v4 for this requirement compared to Kirby v3. The plug-in mentioned in that thread was updated 2 years ago so likely not Kirby 4 or PHP 8.3 compatible.

Does someone have any suggestions/updates on this matter? Thank you!

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If you don’t care about the original file, you could use the new create option in file blueprints to replace the original with a stripped copy: File blueprint | Kirby CMS. But I guess this only works if the target size is smaller than the original size.

The plugin will probably not work anymore (missing return types in page model methods, for example), but the issues should be easy to fix.

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I thought about using this optimization feature(s) from Kirby 4 after upload as well but I think the same regarding its limitation. Maybe I will make some thoughts on this next weeks and when I have an easy going solution, I will share it e. g. as a plug-in or in some other way.

Come to think of it, an option stripExif or so would be a nice addition for create

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Yes, just adding a single option to just strip EXIF data would be great in Kirby v4 core (so basically just calling imagemagick without anything else, only strip).

Created a feature request:

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