Prepopulated titles

Hey there!
Kirby needs a title, even if the user doesn’t need one. So I thought it would be great to have the title and the slug be prepopulated whenever I want to make a new article. (Like date plus a random identifier)
Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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There is a plugin that helps with this:

@texnixe thats a link to a grammarly blog post… was that intended?

Of course not, thanks @jimbobrjames

No worries but something like Grammarly for Kirby Textareas would be awesome!! Wonder if there is an API out there somewhere…

I sent the link to my daughter, it was still in the cache and somehow it didn’t pick up the new one.

Doesn’t it work automatically in a textarea field if you use the Grammarly browser add-on?

Sure, your mistake just got me thinking thats all :slight_smile:

And I dont know… i normally use online if i need to tweak stuff which is more to do with readbility than grammar specifically. They use a custom rich texteditor… im just currious to see how hard it would be to make this happen inside Kirby natively rather then a browser extension or desktop app.

But this is getting off the thread topic, so I will post a new thread if i need help…

True. Anyway, looks like they don’t offer an API.

Back to the topic :smiley:
Thanks for the link, @texnixe!
Maybe because it’s already late I fail to see, how this can achieve what I had in mind. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

So, I expect that when I’m adding a new post the 2 fields title and url-appendix are already filled in with something (I don’t really care what, since nobody ever will see it) and I just need to click Create draft.

Looking at that plugin documentation, it looks like you can set the Title field to not required and the plugin will set a slug automatically based on the timestamp (since this is usually derived from the title). However, remember the slug forms part of the page URL, so such URLs won’t be very good for SEO. I don’t know what the use case is but maybe that isn’t a concern.

Man, that’s what I missed yesterday night! Thank you.
And yes, SEO is no concern, since I plan to pull those posts on the homepage, but they will be very very short and are not intended to be seen on their own page. So in a way it’s even good; the direct url is not guessable.

That’s true, if you nevertheless want a redirect just in case someone find them, you can use a route.