Blog Unique Slugs With Optional Titles


I would like to set up a blog roll on Kirby. I am running into collision issues with the url slug being autogenerated by the title of the generated page.

For example, I like to post photos and either want to use a location name as the title or have no title at all.

The URL slug is auto-generated when naming the post at creation time, so if I were to name two posts ‘San Francisco’ it will collide and not allow me to create the second post. For this I would like to also organize the individual posts on the file system by date.

How might I autogenerate a URL slug on ‘new page’ that is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ with no title, and then have it update to YYYY-MM-DD-Title if there is a title added.


Check out this plugin:

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Great, thank you! That plugin did the trick!