Prefill page title and URL appendix on page creation

Hi there ! It’s been a while,

I’m currently building a quick and basic website to get back on track with Kirby : it is a list of hand picked instagram posts (url + visibility toggle). I see 2 options here :

  • Using structure field (pretty straightforward, works OK but it will get “messy” as soon I a have a lot of links)
  • Using subpages (one per post, so I can have an “edit” button on each post to open the corresponding post in the panel).

For the second option, I would like to know If I can prefill “title” and “URL appendix” with a unique ID as soon as the user hit the “Add” button ? I’ve read about the page.create hook but it is triggered once the user hits the “Create draft” button, right ?

Many thank you for your help

Hi, maybe with this plugin: ?

Indeed, works perfectly, thank you !

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