Plugin: Opener customizable Panel Button (with Ajax) (BETA)

Kirby Opener is a Kirby CMS Panel Field button that allows you to use placeholders to create dynamic urls which are called with and without ajax response or start downloads.

NOTE: This is not a free plugin. In order to use it on a production server, you need to buy a license. Its currently in BETA so any feedback is welcome.

Key Features

  • open any URL from within the panel
  • add custom data within the URL using placeholders
  • easily call Routes or Page Models Functions
  • display custom JSON response status messages at the button label
  • trigger downloading of files
  • trigger clipboard copy of url
  • trigger refresh of page on success
  • trigger browser confirmation dialog
  • easily extendable placeholders
  • configural parsing of json response


Please note that the plugin is in beta right now, but everybody submitting a valid issue will be awared with a coupon.


6 plugins in a row. I think you just broke the daily plugin publish in a Kirby forum record. :wink:


new release v0.6.0-beta
you can now call your page model functions within the panel using kirby-opener. among other wicked ideas this might save you the hassle of creating a route.

in case you need something like that for your own plugins read more about it here.

new release v0.7.0-beta
you can now use kirby-opener button to copy the dynamic url to the clipboard – instead of opening it or making an ajax call.

new release v0.9.1-beta
use kirby-opener to trigger the browser confirmation dialog before executing the command.
or trigger a page refresh after the command.
you can find all example fields here.

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hey there :sunny:
does this plugin work with kirby 3? or 3.6 in particular? because unfortunately i cant get it to work… if not, are you aware of a similar plugin out there? i would like to add a file download button to a kirby blueprint.

thank you so much!

No, the plugin is archived, it was developed for Kirby 2, so not compatible with Kirby 3.

Check out the Janitor plugin by the same developer:

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thank you so much! :blush: :sparkles: